Terence H Clarke


We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one. The power of a testimonial lies in its ability to shape perceptions and inspire others.”​

J.K. Rowling, World-Renowned Author

Very helpful and enjoyable collaboration

Very helpful and enjoyable collaboration with Terry. It helped me to become more positive, engaged and communicative in life. Terry is fantastic – competent, inspiring and friendly. I would recommend this course to anyone else

Wayne Wenig
Volkswagen Group

Appreicate Terry’s Presentation Workshop helping

Appreicate Terry’s Presentation Workshop helping our employees improve a lot in terms of visal lanuage(budgy lanuage), logic/flow, power of tone, as well as confidence.

We may consider one more time training this year given the huge improvement of our employees

It is worth of being invested to our employees one more time

David Liu

Feedback of Terrys workshop : Facilitation skills

It is very difficult for a person to be in a workshop for more than 2 days and try to get the most out of it. It can easily become either super tiring or overwhelming with too much information. Well, in Terry’s workshop, I didn’t need to try to capture the message; the contents were very carefully prepared and presented in a way that they automatically poured into my brain with ease. For me, it is almost impossible to find a workshop that fits the audience’s needs in the same way Terry’s did.

I went to the workshop, putting aside 2.5 days of work on hand, and in the back of my mind, I was wondering how the hell this workshop was going to take more than two days and how much of it would be useful. The answer turned out to be 100%. Thanks, Terry!

Panday Manoj

Learning with Coach Terence

Terence Clarke has been more than a trainer in my professional journey since Covid stuck. His positive guidance in times of uncertainty helped me to see thru a very tough time professionally & personally so much so that we started engaging with him & his team for coaching & encouraging our team at SinoGlobal Logistics.

His training is innovative, informative, and instructive, linking our minds to ideas, possibilities, and unforeseen circumstances. He is supportive and encouraging, which makes us feel comfortable asking for help and trying new things. His sense of humor makes training more enjoyable and relaxed.

Most important takeaway : Learn to Unlearn & be prepared to Up-Skill ourselves

Siddharth Sinha

I am very lucky to

I am very lucky to have Terry as my English learning partner. During the English learning, he gave me not only English help, but also psychological and coaching advice.

The first is English learning. He told me at the beginning that learning English is mainly about overcoming fear rather than worrying about accurate expression. He promptly corrected my pronunciation and words usage. English learning was conducted in a friendly and relaxed manner.

In addition, Terry has great emotional intelligence. Once he sensed my emotions when I was feeling down and gave me good tips to release it.

Meanwhile, I have been promoted to a management position in recent years. Both the changes in my position and the adjustments in the company are challenges to me. He proactively chatted with me about work, asked questions and listened. Also he gave me career suggestions and kind reminders without judgment. These have helped me a lot, and I am very grateful to Terry for his help this year.

Ritta Zhao

Actually I only expected Terry

Actually I only expected Terry to help me improve my English skills for the business context at the beginning. However, I did find his expertise in strategic thinking, growth mindset, communication skills and business savviness influenced me a lot which encouraged me to really think as a professional manager in the business world and enabled me to think out of box then make right decisions. And most amazing part is, he is not teaching me but inspiring me to do the right things. I appreciate Terry’s help especially when I faced the challenges at work, and I recommend him to the people who have ambitions about their career development.

Hugh Wang

YCIS Middle Leaders

I am delighted to share my experience with the Middle Leadership Training program, led by Terry. This two-day event was designed for educators at the early stages of their leadership journey.

The training was a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of effective leadership. The inclusion of coaching elements was particularly beneficial, helping to develop unique leadership styles while also learning how to nurture the potential in others.

Terry’s dynamic and interactive approach ensured that participants were engaged throughout the sessions. His ability to create an environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing ideas and experiences contributed to the richness of our learning.

Feedback from all staff members has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have expressed that they feel more confident and equipped to take on leadership roles within their respective departments, since the training some participants have been promoted into new roles. The training offered valuable insights into how we can better serve our students, colleagues, and school community as leaders.

Thank you, Terry, for this opportunity. We look forward to working together in the future.

Ryan Peet

It is the best ever

It is the best ever presentation skills training that I had. With two days training, not just skills were taught but also many practices were done, and in fact many different types of practices, some with enough preparation time and defined theme, some are improvisational. It really triggers you or inspires you to think how to present yourself better in different situations. I would definitely recommend this training to everyone.

Liu Xiaoshuang
BMW brilliance auto

Wonderful 2.5 days Journey

I attended a presentation skills session hosted by Terry, and the training is extremely useful. The comprehensive coverage of body language, presentation structure, and practice tips provided me with invaluable insights to enhance my communication abilities.

The session on body language was particularly enlightening. I now understand the powerful impact of non-verbal cues and how they can significantly influence the audience’s perception. Learning to use my body language effectively has added a new layer of expressiveness to my presentations, making them more engaging and impactful

really hope can have more such sessions

Luke Lu


We valued the opportunity for our team to work with Terry. He has provided us with both group and personal coaching and leadership training. The feedback from staff has been very positive. They feel motivated and empowered by their sessions with Terry.

David Ingram

Amazingly resourceful coach!

I’ve been guided by coach T for more than 2 years now. A profound transformation is happening and making me to be the best version of myself! He has rich experience so that he can relate to everything easily and get exactly to the point. For me, the most helpful ones are postive intelligence and coaching sessions. Very insightful and sharp coaching style! Lastly, another impressvie character, Terry always thinks of clients much more than himself.

Anna Chen
Fresenius Medical Care

The training was incredibly beneficial,

The training was incredibly beneficial, combining theory and practice effectively over a span of two and a half days. We underwent at least four rounds of practice, both individually and in groups. This hands-on approach allowed us to understand the practical application of the theoretical knowledge, leading to substantial improvements.

Our tutor, experienced and detail-oriented, provided tailored guidance based on our feedback. This personalized approach accelerated our learning process. An online presentation on the last day reinforced key points and precautions, adding immense value to the training.

This training has significantly boosted our leadership skills, confidence, and influence. It covered various aspects including setting clear objectives, understanding audience insight, content structuring, and the usage of techniques such as the rule of threes. We were also encouraged to experiment with different tones, words, and actions to understand their impact.

The training emphasized the importance of incorporating these skills into daily meetings and communications, not just during presentations to executives. A standout aspect of the training was the focus on time management, which prompted deep reflection on time control. Overall, the training was extremely valuable and resulted in noticeable improvements for all participants.

Zhiying Zhang

Excellent course to Improve your leadership.

Upskilling is a very professional company for management & leadership training and also Terry is a very experience facilitator who can inspire all participants.You won’t regret for joining their course~

Lily WEN
Airbus (TianJin)

An inspiring facilitator, trainer and coach

This is my first time take the facilitator’s training course. Terry not only vividly explained what a facilitator is, but more importantly, he treated himself as a facilitator for our training. Let us personally experienced what an excellent facilitator is like. He’s fluency in Chinese and deep understanding of cultural nuances really impressed me.

Dong Bin

Great training exprlerience from Terry

Honestly I attended similar training sessions long time ago, but Terry’s training session is still make me feel awesome. He can control the the pace quite well, arrange the content reasonable, and motivate and guidevall the trainee with great performance. I feel I can open myself much faster than I expected. Really great training session I ever had. Learned a lot.

Calvin Yan

Amazing growth on presentation skills

Many thanks to Terry for bringing this amazing training to China team!
This training is really helpful to improve our leadership, confidence and influence! It covers many aspects, including objective is the first and foremost then add audience insight is critical, the content structure, the rule of threes and other tips, experience different charters’s tone, words, actions and impact, etc.
Also, we should use these skills in our daily meeting and communication for more practice, not only when do presentation to executives.
Terry’s time management skill is really awesome, which impacted me to think deep about time control.

Rachel Zheng

Embracing Resilience: DOREMUS Asia Pacific’s Experience with Coach Terry’s ‘Coping in a Crisis’ Session

The regional team at DOREMUS Asia Pacific were pleased to welcome Coach Terry to host his ‘Coping in a Crisis’ session in April.

Barry Colman
Regional Managing Director, Doremus APAC

From Good to GREAT: A Life-Changing Experience with Coach Terry

And so the saying goes…“ a good coach can change a game but a great coach can change a life”. Coach Terry was exactly that… A GREAT COACH…a life changer. He was an opportunity to change my life from being good to being GREAT. He was patient and he was exquisitely passionate as a coach. Thus after my 6 weeks of mental-muscle building under his focused supervision, I have 2 words to express my appreciation of this coach: YOU ROCK!

Dr. Ashish Maskay
Surgeon, United Family Healthcare and Founder, Bloodline
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